February 21 horoscope love

Venus sextiles Neptune, bringing friends and far-away places together. Hopes, dreams, and wishes blend in just the right doses. Chiron re-enters your solar twelfth house. This is where you heal the past, let go of the strings, and float freely. Knowing that the Sun transits to your solar tenth house and the Full Moon reflects life at home, you have options. The other, of course, is to move full force into the limelight. If you do, there is a lot of love to give, and even more to receive.

Venus, the love goddess, governs the body beautiful — and keeps the bank account full. She sextiles Neptune, the conduit of divine love. These two connect directly with your universal wishes. Start your list! It may seem like the water signs have all the luck this week.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility in Love & Life

However, fire signs can find their treasure, too. Venus sextiles Neptune. Picture yourself in a fantasy realm where you are happily warm, relaxed, and secure. The Full Moon reflects your ideas right back to you. Venus sextiles Neptune this week. Daily romantic love blends with the sublime.

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The Sun transits opposite your sign. A partnership is revived. Emotional, very passionate — they can go very far when they give in to passion. Incautious, but when opposed by someone, they become violent and fierce. A man born on this day likes to do good. Romantic, very sensitive, able to achieve high spiritual development. His mind is dominated by emotion, he is unable to exert too much perseverance or adequate resistance.

So he often finds it difficult to make his way in life, for he is misunderstood by others and unjustly dismissed. A woman born on this day is good of character.

February 21 Zodiac

She might run into trouble in her youth. She enjoys doing good, she is sensitive, discrete, frugal and generally reasonable.

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Her health is not too strong until she turns 28, at which point it improves drastically. They most prominent body part of people born on this day are feet.

February 21th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 1

You go with the flow and do not create unnecessary conflicts. You place your trust in God, above everything else.

The Moon in Virgo today, may make you feel defeated by opponents at the workplace. This will play on your mind as you can be quite sensitive. Schedule important meetings and other important activities between am and am for better results. Blue is your lucky color for today.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

The Moon in Virgo, may ruffle your feathers today as some opponent or enemy could have disagreed with your suggestion. This can leave you agitated. Let this moment pass, as anger can reduce your decision-making ability. Try and reach some sort of compromise or step over to their side and see from their point of view. Maybe there is some sense in their suggestion. If you have anything important to do, plan it between pm and pm for better results.

Off white color will transmit positive vibrations for you. That can lead to a bit of friction between you and your colleagues. They could either try and learn to be as meticulous as you or simply end up tormenting you.

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The Moon in your own sign, could today, give you the feeling of being victimised by uncooperative colleagues or loved ones. You will feel frustrated and unfit to pay attention to any task on hand. Plan anything important between am and am for maximum results. Grey is your lucky color for today. You should avoid trying to constantly please others as that may effect your own life adversely.

Daily Overview Horoscope : February, 21

Today, the Moon in Virgo could invoke a feeling of regret and self-condemnation about a recent happening. Maybe, you compromised on your own feelings while considering others and they have been ungrateful about it. You will feel hurt and frustrated, but maybe this could open your eyes to the selfishness of some people around you.

Any task undertaken between pm to pm will yield successful results for you. Lavender is your lucky color for today. You expect allegiance from your co-workers and when that does not happen, you can get resentful.