Cancer male cancer female love compatibility

Cancer is a deeply emotional, sensitive and intuitive sign.

Cancer compatibility

Family life will always be incredibly important for the Cancer man Cancer woman couple. They nurture each other, and they will nurture their children too. Sexually, this is a strong relationship. On a daily basis, both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman are very kind people, and they will do their utmost to look after each other.

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There could be a lot of looking after to do too, since both partners in this relationship are such worriers. They worry about everything, both real and imagined , and at great emotional cost. Somehow, however, it usually seems to work out that when one partner is feeling fragile, the other is feeling strong — and in this way, Cancer man Cancer woman compatibility manages to survive the darkest points.

The Darkest of Moods. Not always, however, Both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman are prone to dark moods and depression ; if it happens that both are sinking at the same time, there is nobody to rescue either of them. When financial responsibilities, debt, career troubles or difficult family life overwhelm this couple jointly, they can rapidly fall apart, unable to reach each other, each in their own private misery.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Fortunately, however, the Cancer man and Cancer woman are a cautious couple, and will usually have some solid plans in place to cover financial trouble and other practical matters. Water signs they may be, but both are shrewd people when it comes to protecting their security, their homes and their livelihoods. She can be possessive with the person she loves and she does not take criticisms and rejections well.

Being in love with a Cancer man, a Cancer woman finds a partner willing to accept her with all her sentiments and insecurities since both of them are sentimental and sensitive. Both seek for security and love from their partners.

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As for the woman, she sometimes can linger over trivial things and be eaten up by her insecurities but she can be pleased easily. Once she feels that she is well-loved and important, she becomes a happy person and pleasing to be with. These two people have an exciting and romantic kind of relationship.

go site Both love to show affection whenever and wherever they want to. In their intimate moments, the Cancer man gives his partner the attention and security she yearns for while the Cancer woman will do anything to make the experience sensual and special that he gladly welcomes. When these two people decide to commit, they can both sustain a long-term commitment and will do anything to keep it that way. If there is one setback to couples with Cancer zodiac signs is their being emotional that can get the best of them at times.

Cancer & Scorpio: Love Compatibility

A Cancer woman can be emotional and insecure, on top of her mood swings, in that she can just start an argument or blurt out doubts and insecurities about their relationship with even the simplest things. Worse, a Cancer woman does not heed when it comes to arguments. Since both often shut off and simply retreat into themselves, it becomes hard to resolve their issues. Consequently, the misunderstanding might prolong because no one wants to admit the fault. Cancer is a water sign that denotes calmness, peace and harmony.