Astrology is true or not

Here's what you need to know. Home Other Feature Post. August 31, - Updated on September 1, Is astrology a science? Therefore, astrology cannot be considered a science.

These type of blanket statements became known as Barnum statements, after P. Share Tweet Share. How much money are you losing by not going solar?

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Where does it come from? August 9, All Rights Reserved. Do you love science? You start studying. But after a while you grow uneasy. It is not clear how Sun in Leo must shine differs from Moon in Leo needs to shine. When asked to describe Saturn restriction in 8th house death you are not sure where to start.

All you can say about a hard aspect is that it represents a challenge, whereas an easy aspect is, well, easy. As for a quincunx, you struggle just to pronounce it. To clear up your confusion, you buy every recommended book.

NASA: We Didn't Change Your Zodiac Sign, Astrology Isn't Real

But they just make your confusion worse. Consider the interpretations given in those books. They are either all the same so they blur into one another as with Leo above. Patterson concludes by pointing out that truth in astrology is tested by how well it matches the symbolism.

The constellations of the Zodiac

Anything that passes this test is seen as true, not because it is actually true but because it could be true. Being able to say that the truth whatever it is is consistent with the symbolism is not terribly useful. Which is why astrology is so hard to learn Patterson Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac tied to the seasons, while Eastern astrologers use the sidereal zodiac tied to the stars. Around ad, the two zodiacs coincided, but today precession has put sidereal signs almost one sign ahead of tropical signs.

So have their meanings changed? British astrologer J. Sunley spent ten years comparing meanings between tropical sign X and sidereal sign X as given in astrology books.

Why the World Is Still Fascinated with Astrology

In principle, their meanings should be mostly different, but he found they were mostly similar—which is consistent with signs having no meaning at all except in the minds of astrologers. It explains why tens of thousands of Western tropical astrologers can agree that in their experience Scorpio is intense, while hundreds of thousands of Eastern sidereal astrologers can look at much the same piece of sky—which they call Libra—and agree that in their experience it is not intense but relaxed.

So much for experience. But if relative sign meanings are okay, as in Leos get on well with Sagittarians, what is there to worry about? Despite possible conflict with other factors in the two charts among sun sign astrologers this is the default explanation for awkward findings , if the claim is true then it should show up in a large enough sample: ten million marriages, for example. Voas notes that completion errors are problematic.

Astrology and science - Wikipedia

Census forms are typically completed by one member of the household, who for some reason may enter their own birthday for that of their spouse. If dates of birth are illegible or missing about 0. Voas carefully removed all such artifacts but was unable to find evidence for useful sun sign effects. But none of the possible sun sign pairings differed significantly from chance alone. In terms of predicting compatibility, sun signs absolutely did not work. You will not find this result in astrology books.

British astrologer and former journalist Dennis Elwell — was noted for his eloquence. If some piece of research proves a dead end, I do not question the authenticity of my experience, I question the competence of the research, or its underlying assumptions. He held that failures to verify astrological claims were caused by the wrong approach because the right approach always worked.

One of his favorite examples was how the birth chart for the Declaration of Independence on July 4, , showed strong links with the Statue of Liberty. And so on through dozens of events and associated people. Indeed, the statue is an innovative Uranus national monument resting on Sun-ruled granite and lit by electricity Uranus. Everywhere we look we find the predicted Sun-Uranus links. Odd-numbered signs from Aries onward are said to be extroverted. The rest are said to be introverted. When taken together with opinion polls, the results suggest that one in three people believes sufficiently in sun signs to measurably shift their self-image in the believed direction—of which a tiny fraction may believe sufficiently to bias their choice of partner as in the previous section.

Charles Carter, the leading British astrologer of the s, was noted for exceptional clarity of expression. Could astrologers match them correctly? The outcome was maybe yes but mostly no.

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  • Since then, more tests have been made that bring the total to sixty-nine, and new ways have been developed to analyze the results. For example, the correlation between a reading and reality can be plotted against sample size to clarify what is happening. The plots in Figure 1 show how it works.

    The studies in Figure 1 are too numerous and too consistent with hundreds of other studies to be easily dismissed. Also, their subsequent meta-analysis shows that the differences between results are entirely explained by sampling errors, which leaves nothing for astrology and astrologers to explain; to paraphrase Pierre-Simon Laplace, we have no need of such hypotheses. But for completeness, we should still look at some of those other studies as shown in Figure 2. The power and sensitivity of our tests so far are beyond anything the ancients could have dreamed of.

    For his PhD in psychology, German astrologer and psychotherapist Peter Niehenke circulated copies of a item questionnaire for testing astrological claims. It was advertised in two newspapers and a New Age magazine and by notices at Freiburg University. He duly received 3, responses requiring more than reams of paper , of which 3, provided usable birth data, of which 62 percent were from birth certificates.

    Valued advice

    The questions had been tested in a pilot study to make sure they were free of problems. Each was relevant to a given factor planet, sign, house, or aspect to see if the subjects identified with that factor regardless of whether it was actually in their birth chart. Overall, no result was consistently in support of astrology. In , U. But when applied to actual birth data grouped by, say, occupation or events, the results if positive which was not often failed to replicate.

    There was no evidence that astrological claims were valid: nothing actually worked. He asked for an explanation, but nobody had a clue.