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A new moon happens once a month, except for July. Unlike most of the year, we're seeing our second new moon this month. There's one on July 2 and another on July NASA says you should mark the following dates on your calendar for the ones happening in You shouldn't expect to see a month with two new moon phases next year, so plan your rituals accordingly! Here are the new moon dates:.

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The primary thing is to focus your attention on what you want to see happen during the upcoming month. That could just mean sitting down in a quiet space and writing out your goals for the next 30 days. Or you can go a step further to create a more relaxing environment to help you stay focused before you set your intentions.

You can even do this with friends by sitting in circle, writing down your intentions, and having each person read theirs out loud. We can't say for certain that these astrological methods will radically improve your life.

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Waxing Crescent Moon: As the Moon moves around the Earth, we would be able see more of the illuminated half, and we say the Moon is waxing. The Moon seems to growsas days go by.

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This phase is called the crescent moon. Quarter Moon: A week after the New moon, when the Moon has completed about a quarter of its turn around the Earth, we can see half of the illuminated part; that is, a quarter of the Moon. This is the first quarter Moon.

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Waxing Gibbous Moon: During the next week, we keep seeing more and more of the illuminated part of the Moon, and it is now called waxing gibbous Moon. Full Moon: Two weeks after the new moon, the moon is now halfway through its revolution, and now the illuminated half coincides with the one facing the Earth, so that we can see a full disk: we have a full moon.

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New Moon in Cancer: July 2, Leo Moonth. New Moon in Leo: July 31, Virgo Moonth. New Moon in Virgo: August 30, Libra Moonth. New Moon in Libra: September 28, Scorpio Moonth. New Moon in Scorpio: October 27, Sagittarius Moonth.